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Healthytoes are the makers of amazing toe stretchers. Treat your feet to a whole new therapy that feels amazing. And works to beautify, heal and strengthen your feet! Healthytoes toe stretchers are composed of a special gel material that fits into the spaces between your toes. Healthytoes toe stretchers work to exercise and condition your feet, and with daily use you may notice an improvement in the shape and strength of your feet. We invite you to try Healthy Toes toe stretchers today and experience a true workout for the feet! Healthy Toes Toe Stretchers Revolutionizing Foot Care Your toes and feet will receive many of the same healthy benefits that your body does when performing stretches. Healthytoes toe stretchers may help with: * Increasing balance, “surefootedness,” joint range, coordination. * Decreasing foot pain. * Restoring the natural vibrancy and bounce of healthy athletic feet. * Correcting bone/tissue/cartilage misalignments. * Detoxification. * Improving posture, foot reaction time, stamina. * Much much more… Exercising your toes using Healthytoes toe stretchers regularly will help keep your feet in tip top shape. Healthytoes toe stretchers do the work for you! The toe stretchers perform stretches on your toes and feet while you relax. And HealthyToes toe stretchers are BPA-free. Small foot problems can turn into big foot problems quickly. Pamper your feet and get back your fresh and bouncy step! More specifically, Healthytoes toe stretchers may help to treat the following conditions: * Foot Pain - ball of foot pain, pain in foot, top of foot pain, foot arch pain, foot leg pain, foot heel pain, pain in ball of foot, bottom foot pain, foot ankle pain, pain in heel of foot, diabetic foot pain, arch foot in pain, chronic foot pain, burning foot pain, diabetes foot pain, foot nerve pain, pain in bottom of foot, arthritis foot pain * Sciatica - sciatica nerve, sciatica treatment, sciatica exercise, sciatica symptom, sciatica pain relief, sciatica cure, sciatica cause, back pain sciatica, sciatica in pregnancy, sciatica leg pain, exercise nerve sciatica, sciatica stretch, sciatica nerve pain, sciatica physical therapy, sciatica surgery * Bunions - bunions, bunion surgery, bunion removal, foot bunion, bunion relief, bunion care, bunion treatments, bunion prevention, bunion surgery recovery time, bunion foot surgery, bunion surgery, recovery from bunion surgery, bunion pain relief, dancer's bunion * Hammer Toe - hammer toes, hammer toe surgery, hammer toe treatment, correction hammer toe, exercise for hammer toe * Achilles Tendon - Achilles tendon, Achilles tendon injury, Achilles tendon rupture, Achilles tendon pain, Achilles tendon surgery, torn Achilles tendon, Achilles tendon support, Achilles tendon stretch, Achilles tendon repair, Achilles tendon treatment, Achilles tendon exercise, Achilles lengthening tendon, Achilles strengthening tendon, Achilles strained tendon * Arches - foot arch pain, arch support for leg and back pain, heel arch pain, fallen arches, weak arches * Plantar Fascia - plantar fascia, plantar fascia surgery, plantar fascia injury, plantar fascia exercises, plantar fascia tear, ruptured plantar fascia * Varicose Veins - varicose vein, varicose vein surgery, varicose vein removal, varicose vein stripping, varicose vein pain, varicose vein ligation, varicose vein treatment, varicose vein symptoms * Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) - symptoms of deep vein thrombosis, deep leg vein thrombosis, blood clots deep thrombosis vein, deep vein thrombosis prevention How to Put Them On First, get your Healthytoes toe stretchers wet by running them under the faucet for a few moments. After the toe stretchers are wet go ahead and line up the holes in the Healthytoes toe stretchers to your own toes. (Make sure the big toe goes into the bigger end). You will have to stretch the Healthytoes toe stretchers between your own toes so that each toe is showing through the other side (if you have smaller toes or shorter toes it’s ok; just make sure that your toes are separated and you feel they are being stretched!). Now your part is finished. Just sit back, relax, and let the Healthytoes toe stretchers gently heal. Note: fitting and adjusting your Healthytoes toe stretchers may be cumbersome at first depending upon how tight your toes are. Once you practice wearing them, and your toes stretch, putting the Healthytoes toe stretchers on will become easier. Feel The Burn Upon initial use – you will feel a tense stretch, but this is a good stretch. The longer you can wear your Healthytoes toe stretchers – the more limber your toes will become. If it hurts to wear them for long treatment sessions, then try increasing the frequency of treatment sessions per day or week. Keep in mind; you are performing a stretch that your toes have never experienced before. So it will take some time to develop flexibility. Healthytoes toe stretchers go everywhere! Healthytoes toe stretchers can be worn while relaxing on the couch or while soaking in the tub. They can be worn under your desk or on the beach. They pack easily in your luggage and are great to wear after a long day of traveling. Cleaning your Healthytoes Toe Stretchers Healthytoes toe stretchers can be cleaned after every use if you so choose. Simply clean your toe stretchers with anti-bacterial soap and hot water. Healthytoes toe stretchers are made with a non-porous material, so they won't absorb things they come in contact with. The Healthytoes Toe Stretchers Guarantee If your Healthytoes toe stretchers break from normal wear and tear, contact Healthytoes by phone or email. They will replace your Healthytoes toe stretchers at no cost to you. Please keep your original order information and packaging! Healthytoes Toe Stretchers Size Chart: Unisex - Small Sizes & Large Sizes SMALL Fits Women's Shoe Sizes 5.5 to 10.5 Men's Shoe Sizes 3.5 to 9.5 LARGE Fits Women's Shoe Sizes 11 and up Men's Shoe Sizes 7.5 to 10+ SIZING TIPS: NOTE: Sizing is approximate and may vary according to width of foot. The majority of Women with medium-width feet will wear a size Small. 99% of Women new to toe stretchers should order size Small.