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About Gemstone/Crystal Energy

Crystals and gemstones have been used throughout history for crystal healing, meditation, chakra balancing, spiritual guidance and protection.  Each crystal and gemstone has its own energy and message to bring to us.  They can be worn to attract any number of desirable energies to the wearer such as physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health.  They can improve your romantic life, help you sleep, bring you success, make you feel happy, peaceful, prosperous, self-confident and loving.   How is this possible?

Because crystals and gemstones are formed in Mother Earth at varying depths, pressures and temperatures they are charged with highly concentrated forms of energy.  Modern science provides sophisticated methods of measuring the structure and energy patterns of crystals and gemstones.  This knowledge helps us select and utilize crystals and gemstones for specific goals.  When we incorporate crystals and gemstones into our lives, we are subject to their energies in the form of vibrations.  Each stone vibrates and emits its own measureable pattern of energy.  This radiant energy interacts with the electromagnetic field of our bodies.  It is because of these vibrations that crystals and gemstones can heal us, communicate with us, and help us evolve if we are open to these possibilities.  When worn as gemstone jewelry, crystals and gemstones will resonate first with your skin and then with your entire being.  Trust your intuition, if a piece of crystal jewelry or particular stone calls to you, bring it into your life and enjoy its energy and benefits.

Scientifically, crystals can be programmed as silicon chips in computers and many believe that they can also be “programmed” with the energy emanated by your thoughts.  Wearing crystals and gemstones with intention allows us greater exposure to their power, positive influence and ageless wisdom.  To charge your new gemstone jewelry with your intentions hold it in both hands and concentrate on the rejuvenating and transforming effects you are seeking to receive into your life.  Express your intentions out loud.  Visualize your intentions flowing from your mind into the crystal.  Through this process you are imparting your energy and intent into your crystal jewelry.  Your gemstone jewelry will now serve as a reminder of your personal intentions and be a constant energy force empowering the change or improvement you intend to manifest into your life.  

We hope that our products bring self-discovery, personal development and enlightenment to your life’s journey!  Namaste

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